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  • Brett Steele


  • Victoria Marks

    Associate Dean, Academic Affairs

  • Ben J. Refuerzo

    Associate Dean, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Michael Chung

    Assistant Dean, Administration

  • Anne Marie Burke

    Executive Director, Strategic Communications

  • Jennifer Wells Green

    Executive Director, Development

  • Barry Cautivar

    Director, Staff Personnel

  • Jason Corbett

    Director, Operations and Commencement Coordinator

  • Annie Love

    Director, Academic Personnel

  • Merrillyn Pace

    Director, Office of Student Services

  • Warren Thomson

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Laura Young

    Director, Enrollment Management

  • Heather Roberge

    Chair, Architecture and Urban Design

  • Andrea Fraser

    Chair, Art

  • Christian Moeller

    Chair, Design | Media Arts

  • Dan Froot

    Chair, World Arts and Cultures / Dance

  • Kristy Edmunds

    Artistic and Executive Director, UCLA’s Center for the Art of Performance

  • Marla Berns

    Director, Fowler Museum

  • Ann Philbin

    Director, Hammer Museum

  • David Gere

    Director, Art & Global Health Center

  • Victoria Vesna

    Director, Art|Sci Center

  • Dana Cuff

    Director, cityLAB

  • Diane Favro

    Co-Director, Experiential Technologies Center

  • Cindy Burlingham

    Director, Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts

  • Eddo Stern

    Director, UCLA Game Lab

  • Kevin Kane

    Director, Visual and Performing Arts Education Program 

  • Hitoshi Abe

    Director, X-LAB


Brett Steele, Committee Chair; Diana Alvarez, Avishay Artsy, Anne Marie Burke, Kylie Carrigan, Michael Chung, Jason Corbett, Shantel Daniels, Mackenzie Dimler, Victoria Marks, Merrillyn Pace, Jason Pang